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Revive Running has services to fit everyone's needs. We use an evidence based approach to each athletes training plan, nutrition protocols and weekly check-ins. Our goal is to educate clients to set them up for success now and in the future. We offer three levels of coaching listed below. Sign up for a FREE consult today to learn more. 

"..Revive Running has changed my life.."

To say that Coach Krista from Revive Running has changed my life is an understatement. Krista is my third professional Coach that I have partnered with during my running career.  I have had a variety of different coaching methods from my previous coaches. Krista is the only one that I truly click with, and never have to say anything too. She utilizes an App to track all my running progress and checks in with me weekly.  She just seems to know when I need a break and can read my mind.  This past week my body was feeling tired from the buildup the last few weeks, and it just so happens that this week was an easier mileage. Thank goodness! Krista truly listens to our bodies and is very focused on preventing injuries. I appreciate that she works with all runners, as I tend to be a mid-back of the pack runner.  I have struggled with consistency the last couple of years, and she truly has brought back my running passion.  Thank you for everything Krista. 

 - Meredith

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