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Krista's Running Essentials

Krista Bouchard

Feb 26, 2023

Krista's Running Essentials

Over the years I have experimented with a ton of different running gear and running fuel. I most frequently get asked what my favorite running items are, so here they are:

  1. Brooks Adrenaline. These have been a staple in my training since day 1! I do recommend getting fitted for shoes at your local running store, but these are the shoes that work best for me and they have so many fun colors!

  2. Salt Stick. When you run, you lose electrolytes and need to replenish! There are two types of electrolytes that I always come back to and one of them is Salt Stick. Use code KRISTA20 for 20% off your order.

  3. Nuun Hydration. This is another electrolyte supplement that goes beyond getting sweaty. Nuun also offers immunity tabs which offer different vitamins and minerals to keep any viruses at bay.

  4. Body Glide. Chafing HURTS, but body glides helps SO much with that. I frequently put this on my thighs and the inner side of my arm near my armpit, but you can truly use this anywhere to prevent chafing.

  5. Running Shorts. I have never been someone that runs in shorts until I found these affordable ones from Amazon. They do not ride up on me and I even wore these for a marathon!

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